Whether you need to move your personal belongings from one house to another, or you need to store your business assets for a renovation or over stock, storage is a necessity in the world that we live in today.

If you are moving your personal belongings from one home to another, the first question that you need to take into account is, is this a long distance move or a short distant move?

If you are looking for a short distance move storage option, Conex Boxes work really well. These storage containers have lockable cargo doors made of watertight heavy-duty construction and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, location, and budget.

The best part of Conex Boxes, is that they are placed outside of your door where you can conveniently pack and organize your personal items at your convenience. When you are done, they can be moved anywhere that you would like, and then you are able to unpack your items at your convenience as well without having to navigate through stacks and stacks of moving boxes in the middle of your home.

Imagine this… You just got the keys to your new home, and it is empty. The furniture is all moved in and place strategically throughout your home, and now you are able to unpack your miscellaneous household items without that overwhelming feeling. You simply unpack each box at a time and put them away in your new home as you go.

If you are not ready to do it all in the same day, they are safe, dry, and out of your way until it is convenient for you. There are no boxes in the wax of you safely navigated throughout your home.

Moving houses is a big reason that you need storage, but businesses need storage too. Instead of using additional warehouse or shop space for your short-term storage needs, a storage trailer is a better option for commercial and industrial use. Storage trailers are more flexible and cost efficient.

Storage trailers are available for both rent or purchase, are fork truck accessible, and are available in a variety of sizes. The best part about storage trailers are that they are portable.Therefore, they are not confined to one area and can be easily moved if there is a need.

There are a variety of storage options, but Conex Boxes and Storage Trailers seem to be the best ones.