Analogue and Network IP CCTV Surveillance Systems

What is CCTV?

“CCTV” abbreviation meaning Closed Circuit Television, and is used for a range of applications in which cameras are positioned intelligently throughout the premises for the best captured visual and/or audio recording, recorded back to one central location.

Monitoring of your home or commercial establishment is wise choice to prevent crime and if it has taken place, the perfect tool to provide evidence of any relative activity of offenders. It is also a great idea to utilise throughout the business assisting with OH&S and staff management.

Becoming more increasingly favoured across all industry environments and homes for peace of mind. Improving community based areas, families and similar situations, especially if any out of the ordinary behaviour hasn’t been seen on a day-to-day basis, that can be viewed any time of day.

A typical team of experienced technicians supply & install CCTV surveillance systems to suit all applications with the importance being on effectiveness of viewing and longevity of systems operating.

Wireless network or mobile CCTV systems can be an easier thought-out to be installation, with improvements in the technology benefiting the family member or business owner exponentially.

IP surveillance for example is the perfect solution for busy individuals, whilst you’re at home away from your business premises you can view all your cameras systematically via an online network (IP = Internet Protocol) either on your computer or smart phone.

You could then download the entire recording of what is required then and there directly to your home computer if need be, giving you effective use of your time and the system.

Prevention is a much better situation to be in with CCTV installed, rather than finding a cure to install them after your premises have been taken advantage of, and left with the aftermath to deal with.

Our focus is on a wide range of IP CCTV cameras that can suit any application and resolution requirements. Technology advancements are always taking place in this area, so providing you with personalised fit out and plan of action is the best outcome.

-Network cameras

-Covert cameras

-Outdoor cameras

-High Definition cameras

-PTZ cameras

-Access control and alarm monitoring

Typical applications being residential homes, commercial facilities, industrial sites, schools, government projects, farming premises and small businesses.

Protect your home or business premises today with quality assurance.

Whatever the application or budget may be, you’ll be covered… literally.