Sometimes extra space in your home can seem nearly impossible. The chaos of a home renovation may seem overwhelming. However, more space can be affordable, and these 7 tips can help you cut the chaos out of your residential remodeling projects. When your family is in need of that extra bedroom and/or bathroom space, simple and easy renovations can make a world of difference; especially if you have kids who do not like sharing.

Tip #1: Build Within

You do not always need to build an extra room to add space to your home. For most bathrooms any space 3 feet by 5 feet will do the trick. Look at all your needs, then decide what need you want to fulfill first. If it’s simply to have another toilet and sink, a smaller space is more viable. Look at closets, the area under the stairs, or taking off a small portion of a bedroom, and you can make the fastest and cutest bathrooms. Building a small wall down the center of a large room can also help two or more kids get the privacy they want. You don’t always have to build a complete room to give children that private space feeling.

Tip #2: Make The Renovation Stress Free

Plan your project out in advance, including what it will cost to construct. Always make allowance for things that could go wrong. That way if something breaks, you are prepared while still in the middle of your renovation project, to learn from what happened and be able to complete the remodeling and finish the project.

Tip #3: Build with New Styles

If you plan on adding onto your house, remember it doesn’t have to be the same. If your home has a brick exterior, and you can’t afford to add brick on the entire room addition, then perhaps you can use a different and less expensive siding material. Sometimes adding a different look to the outside of your home can give you a unique, and more comfortable feel.

Tip #4: Time to Raise the Roof

Sometimes the easiest and most cost-effective way to add-on to your existing home is going up. Second stories for most all homes will not only increase your space but, the value of your home as well. Going up with your home remodeling is ideal for those who live in downtown areas, or areas where the lots are narrow. So if you don’t see any more room around your home, and don’t want to decrease the size of your yard, look up for the additional space you need.

Tip #5: Take Walls Down

If you’re looking to gain more space than is found in what rooms you currently have, maybe you want to think about combining two rooms. That room merger will result in one larger area which could gain you space and save you money. Example: If your daughters get along, but they don’t like small rooms, take the wall out between their rooms. Give them a grand archway or completely remove the wall. Then take one section to the side and build a 3′ x 8′ area for them to share a bathroom. If the demolition is done efficiently, you could even use some of the materials from the wall you remove to construct the bathroom, saving even more money.

Tip #6: Box Up Your Stuff

Boxing up all your things in the working area can not only save you time, but it could also save you money and frustration. Preparing the work area so things like small decorations and photographs don’t get broken during construction will bring you a lot of peace during the life of your remodeling project. Just go to any grocery or department store and ask them for empty boxes. They won’t have any problem giving them to you.

Tip #7: Gain Extra Space in Your Current Rooms

Giving yourself more space could be solved just by storing unused items in plastic containers underneath sinks, at the bottom of closets, and in the attic. Plastic storage containers are simple, affordable, and today can be air tight, meaning you are safe to store them in places where dust could be present. Just place the items you need to be able to get to more often in small tubs, and label the ends for an easy way to know what’s inside without pulling out all the containers.