If you are a homeowner, or even a potential homeowner, chances are good that you have visions of owning your dream home in the future. The way the economy has been since about 2008 – 2016, many people have been forced to either put off their dream home plans, or have given up on them completely. The good news is this, never before have there been so many options available to homeowners, and new buyers, that having your dream home now may be a distinct possibility. In fact, this article will outline several courses of action that could put you in your dream home a lot sooner than you think.

1. Step away from the computer. The trouble with many people is that they dawdle around looking for their dream home, but spend all of their time looking at prospects on their computers. In fact, according to experts, more than 90 percent of potential buyers spend most of their time online looking for a home. For getting leads, this is great, but at some point you need to close the computer, go out, and look at houses.

2. Educate yourself on markets and trends. A lot of finding your dream home is a matter of watching the market and being able to predict when the prospects of finding such a home are good. You should understand market values so that when a deal does present itself, you are ready to pounce on it.

3. Watch for low interest rates. Dawdling can also cost you in another way: taking too long to take advantage of low interest rates while they last.

4. Get pre-approved. You can get yourself into a good position to buy the home you want, as soon as you find it, by getting your loan application started now, and determining what that amount is before you start looking. In fact, many buyers are now putting themselves into an ultra-competitive position in the market by going beyond the pre-approved stage to become fully-approved before making a purchase. Not every lender offers this possibility, but many do. When they do, take advantage of it! This will make you a more valuable buying party to the sellers.

5. Consider remodeling. When it comes time to start thinking about buying your dream home, a lot of options probably come to mind. Unfortunately, one option that is very important often eludes most people, remodeling an existing home. The truth is that remodeling can solve a lot of different issues related to home buying and selling. First, of course, if you decide to remodel instead of buying a new home, you can create practically anything you want in your dream home from your existing home. Another reason for a remodel, even if you decide to sell, is that remodeling can help you to correct many problems that might exist that buyers will want to reduce the cost in order to fix. Finally, remodeling a home provides good return on the investment, whether you decide to stay in your home, or you decide to sell it.