When the sun starts to shine brighter and the flowers start to bloom, it gives you a feeling of happiness and restoration. You want to create new things and start new projects because you feel revived. The same goes for your home. Spring will be here sooner than you think. So now is a good time to plan your spring time renovations.

When spring arrives many people do a deep clean of their house or want to renovate before the Christmas season comes. There are so many fun and interesting ideas that you can incorporate in your home renovation project. You can redecorate the lounge, change the floor tiles, or create a new kitchen.

Kitchens are always a room in the house that people want to fix up because it is the heart of the home. Great meals are made there and people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The cabinets are the most popular change to make because it brings the whole room together as a whole. Decide what colour you want and carry this colour through all the way. The cabinets, door handles, drawers and tiles should all tie in the chosen colour. A kitchen door with glass is a good touch because it brings more light inside. Decide on the design. It could be a classic design or modern, or perhaps eccentric. Modern designs with light colours and curves incorporated are popular at the moment.

The lounge is another room that benefits from major renovations. You can be creative in this room. If you have a design in mind, stick to it. The modern designs such as monochrome and bright colours are popular. These two styles are miles apart but it all depends on your preference. The monochrome black and white colours create a neat and clean interpretation of your home. Whilst the bright colour combinations such as red with white, or orange with yellow, or chocolate brown with aqua, give your home a lively feel. Don’t forget that the front door forms part of the lounge, so it needs to be upgraded too. For a modern house the large pivot doors are glamorous and stylish. They have a certain appeal to them.

If you plan on doing any renovations this spring, take this time to get your thoughts together. Then create the design in your head and plan it, so that it all comes together as a whole.