Thankfully, the white kitchen has been a mainstay for many years and is the best option for anyone according to most experts. The fresh and clean feel of a kitchen featuring white shaker cabinets and other elements is highly sought after, and it makes sense. White is known to be associated with health and sanitation so why wouldn’t an individual be drawn to a white kitchen? While is shows more dirt, it also gives the owner the opportunity to get rid of it!

A Marketable Choice

White shaker cabinets easily top the list of the most desirable colors, and this is approved by national associations. Same goes for white kitchen appliances, even with stainless being known as “desirable,” white has still topped the charts.

It can only be due to that white has never gone out of style. When it comes time to sell a home, the beautiful and bright white kitchen will be appreciated by potential buyers.

Mood Boosting

Bright and happy even on a rainy day, kitchens featuring white shaker cabinets feel more spacious and welcoming according to experts. The positive vibes and purity are well-known by architects who love using the color for cabinets especially because they have layers of contrast due to shadow details that create depth.

Even better, the fact that white is neutral means that other areas of the kitchen can be anything at all, and it will easily flow with existing décor. In fact, it may even make window treatments and light fixtures pop. Think of a white kitchen as a blank canvas.


Yes, white shaker cabinets and white kitchens are always trendy and desired by those who love all types of décor to include contemporary and traditional. That being said, they are a mainstay with most dealers so they are easy to find and even more affordable. Expect to find not only white shaker cabinets, but appliances, countertops, faucets, backslash and more in white, or with white as the main color.

Paint walls in bright colors, or any favorite without fear of it looking strange. White matches everything! So if purple is a favorite, go for it! If that changes, then the cabinets will still match whatever style is going down the road. The transitional appeal is one of the best benefits to using white. Plus, manufacturers are not offering variations to include enamel that looks like a sheet of white glass – beautiful!


When it comes to choosing countertops that match white shaker cabinets, the options are endless. Some of the most popular include:

· Carrara marble

· Quartz solid white

· White laminates

· White concrete

These are some of the more unique, affordable and new options in white that homeowners are trending towards. Of course granite and stone are also preferred.

Not everything should be white, it’s good to mix up white choices with other colors and finishes to keep it well-balanced. Similarly, don’t have any one thing be a contrasting color, resulting in it being the focal point. Make choices that push white to being the dominating color, but not be overbearing. Wood is perfect to combine with white, glass give a clean look, and stainless steel in moderation looks spectacular with white shaker cabinets.

Most of all, make sure the space speaks of the homeowner’s style, everything else will just fall into place!