I kept seeing rainbows in my life. A new friend sent me a picture of a Rainbow that appeared on her wall, because of the Crystal hanging in the window. Then the next posting I saw was a picture of a Rainbow Stone. I noticed references to the rainbow was appearing in different articles that I was reading.

I believe if I keep seeing repeatedly a word or picture, I should pay attention. What did this mean to me? I wrote a children’s book Count Candy Corn and I wanted to create a series about Count Candy Corn going under color.

This brings me to the present. I have been on a spiritual journey this last year. The blessings of being old enough and not being run by a clock has given me this opportunity. I was reared Christian and I do have a strong faith. I have also opened my heart to other cultures and religions. I have joined different groups. I have never seen a more significant time in my life that kindness and caring needs to return.

This is not to preach but just to share my journey. I am sure I am not the only one who views their life and looks for significance or what impact you can make before your earthly time is over. The best lessons I have had in life is stories told to me from my elders. I had the imagination to soak up and visualize their stories. They became part of my journey. The older people gave to me what my parents did not have and that was time.

What does this have to do with rainbows?

Everything from my book, my Christian Faith, my respect of other people’s faith and beliefs, the multicolored people our planet has and the oneness of the world. The world is a circle and we are all the same. We as a human species have children to love and nurture. We hurt when one of our family members are taken from us. We all need water and food to live. We need to love and be loved and this is from the very young to the very old.

I am a seeker of knowledge and I share. I have had to learn I share too much sometimes. I have been told I am too deep and at times I viewed this as a flaw in me. What is wrong with me? Why do I need to share? I have been over the years not loving myself and seeking approval from other people who had their own problems and hang ups.

The realization, I have learned to forgive from my heart people who have offended me both physically and mentally. I realized that I had trouble forgiving my own human failings. This is significant if you do not forgive and love yourself how can you love others?

My journey begins again with each day. What will I learn today?