One of the most attractive aspects of working as an agent for real estate properties is that each day is not the same. These experts meet new individuals, see new places, as well as respond to changing needs of sellers and buyers – which usually means shifting their gears immediately when needed. While there is no typical day for real estate agents, there are a couple of tasks that most professionals do regularly. Listed below is what a day in the life of agents might look like.

What are real estate agents?

These experts help individuals rent, sell, and purchase land, residential homes, and other properties. There is no national RE license, so they need to meet their area’s licensing requirements. While requirements for this profession differ by state or city, all aspiring professionals need to take pre-licensing courses from accredited RE schools, take and pass state examinations, activate their licenses, and join real estate brokerages.

The last part is very important. Experts should work for and under a licensed brokerage, which makes sure that all of the professionals in their office will comply with real estate rules, regulations, and laws. Some RE professionals eventually become reputable brokers, which involves more studying and experience requirements. A broker usually has more tasks and duties, can work independently, as well as hire other agents to work for them. These experts should have their own homepage so potential clients can look them up before the actual meeting.

What are realtors?

A lot of individuals use the terms brokers, real estate agents, and realtors interchangeably, but these terms differ. Brokers and agents hold different licenses, and only professional brokers can work independently. But both brokers and agents can use the realtor title, but they need to be active members of NAR or the National Association of Realtors to do this. The biggest distinction between these three is that realtors are members of the organization and subscribe to their strict code of ethics.

Administrative duties

So what does a regular day look like for these professionals?

They are tasked with different daily responsibilities and duties, from marketing and lead generation to property closings and open houses. But a lot of these experts start their days catching up on admin tasks, so they might:

  • Respond to phone calls, electronic mail, and text messages
  • Process RE documents, lease records, and agreements
  • Coordinate appointments, meetings, open houses, and showings
  • Create, as well as distribute newsletters, flyers, listings, or other promo materials
  • Create budgets for annual, quarterly, and monthly operations
  • Develop a good marketing plan for property listings
  • Update their client databases
  • Research various listings to help them develop CMA or Comparative Market Analysis reports
  • Update social media profiles and websites

Since admin duties can be pretty time-consuming, a lot of these professionals hire assistants to handle these tasks. It will allow experts to leverage their time effectively, as well as to be more productive.

Lead generation

Without sellers and buyers, there would be no actual transactions – and agents will not get commissions. Finding more clients is very important to the REAs success. One way to build contracts is via RE SOI or Sphere of Influence strategy, which focuses on creating leads through the individuals who they already know.

It includes social contacts, business associates, classmates, neighbors, close friends, and family members. Most individuals rent, purchase, or sell properties sooner or later. It means individuals who agents meet are potential clients.

The professional’s day, usually includes meeting with tons of potential clients, giving out their business cards, as well as keeping track of active contact info for their growing network. After the initial contact is made, experts follow up with phone calls, regular snail mail, electronic mail, or text messages to help them keep their company fresh in the minds of potential clients.

Tours and meeting

Since these experts work for designated RE brokers, they usually operate out of offices with outer brokers and REAs. Regular office meetings will allow them to share their listings, update other professionals on updated prices, and discuss purchasers’ needs – all of which can help them line up sellers and buyers.

Some of them participate in tours to view new listings especially in Backnang area every week or every month. It can help professionals narrow the search for buyers since they have seen properties firsthand, as well as share detailed info with purchasers. Likewise, these tours can be advantageous to experts who are working with sellers. After meeting the competition, it may be a lot easier to determine good prices for sellers’ properties.

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