Buying a rug does not cost you a fortune actually, but there are some people who have budget constraints prefer to buy cheap small rugs and runners. If certain points are considered, you can get a valuable rug without spending much. Yes, cheap runners and rugs are available in the market that can make your homes look perfect. If you want to add a warmth and texture to your rooms without spending much, you can choose to buy these rugs.

Machine Made Rugs Are Cheaper:

Apparently, artistic handwoven rugs cost you more than the machine-made rugs. If budget is in your mind while buying carpets or runners then you can buy machine made rugs. Intricately designed patterns of handcrafted rugs look fabulous, but if you need a carpet for just a small area you can buy machine-made rugs.

Material Decides the Price:

The price is highly dependent on the material of the rug. Though cotton is a perfect choice for the summer months as they remain comfortable to your feet, but the natural materials like cotton and wool cost you more than the synthetic ones. You can prefer to buy stain-resistant materials like polypropylene rugs can be a great choice, especially if you have kids or pets at home.

But, natural fibres get damaged by the chemicals; they shrink, get stained easily, fade and get attracted by insects and moulds. It is due to this reason that rugs made up of natural fibres are not preferred.

Minimal Texture:

Needless to say, if the rugs have hides and furs like sheepskin or reindeer skin would cost more. If you choose to have this type of luxurious rugs at home, you would have to shell out more. For the areas like hallways, you can choose a cheap rug. There are other unimportant areas where you can choose to place small rugs that should not cost you much.

Nylon is a Cheaper Alternative to Wool:

Nylon is a quality that is lesser expensive than the wool but if you choose to buy this material you will have to sacrifice in luxury.

In short, some people consider rugs as just a home furnishing item that is meant to keep the indoors clean. There are others for whom this is an important part of home décor. Luxurious rugs look impressive in the living rooms, but if you need a rug for a smaller and unimportant area like hallway you can consider buying a cheap hallway runner.