The modular living is more than just an efficient and simple construction. It is a green way to build a new home and is becoming more and more popular. Regardless the size of a modular home, there are features that can be built in that will make it energy efficient and drastically reduce the heating bill, maybe even eliminate it totally. Take a look at these green technology info things that can be and are being done all around the globe:

Solar Power

Solar power is the most obvious green technology info will tell you for a modular home. Incorporated solar panels installed on the rooftop that will generate electricity for heat or heat water for bathing and radiators. Even areas that don’t have as much sunshine as other areas, what daylight there is can generate enough electricity and keep the occupants warm.

The Insulation

There isn’t any one single method of energy efficiency that will eliminate heating a modular home totally. However, good quality insulation will reduce cost greatly when properly installed in the ceiling, floors, and walls. Having good quality doors and windows installed will also reduce cooling and heating costs.

Geothermal Heat

All the information you find on green technology will tell you that solar panels and wind turbines are not for every structure. How your modular home is constructed will make that determination. Nonetheless, those places that don’t have any direct sunlight or the wind aren’t strong, geothermal energy may be the best bet according to the latest green technology info.

Geothermic energy generates heat from the earth’s core and by incorporating that with a geothermal pump in a green modular home can provide the homeowner free heating. Geothermal heating is great for those modular homes west of the Rockies. It will pump warm air from underneath the ground to heat the house and keep it warm no matter the outside temperature.

Wind Turbines

For modular housing on the coast or near mountains, a wind turbine may just be the best way to generate electricity as well as cool and heat the home. Turbines that are mounted a pole work better than if they are installed on rooftops, and they are pretty simple and straight forward to install.

They will generate enough power to run heat a home, heat the water and power the appliances. And when paired with other energy measures like insulation, they will reduce the homeowner’s energy bills. There is an abundance of green technology info on the internet today that can provide instructions on how to build your own wind turbine and other green movement energy saving devices.