Acrylic is a polymer made from chemically combined carbon molecules. The finished sheets have glass-like qualities like transparency, translucency, brilliance and clarity. Acrylic end tables are very beautiful and clear but you can also find them in different colors and tints to suit your preferences. Coating the acrylic sheets prevents fogging, makes it scratch resistant and also reduces solar reflections and glare. Because this material softens when exposed to extreme temperatures, it is easy to form it into any given shape. For this reason, you will find the tables in unique striking shapes that add a touch of beauty to your space.

Advantages of Acrylic end tables

· They can be formed into any given shape; hence you can have some unique pieces in your home.

· They are lighter compared to glass and therefore easy to move and place at desired locations with no problem at all.

· They are stylish and very beautiful and can easily transform your living areas into functional beautiful spaces.

· They are durable and resist impacts. They are not as fragile as glass, but they also require to be handled with care to serve their functions for a long period of time.

· Compared to other plastics, the acrylic end tables can withstand different weather elements making them ideal even for the outdoors.

· They do not yellow over time. You will enjoy your beautiful end tables for years without any color changes. It is an amazing property, especially for the clear version tables that need to maintain their good looks to make a difference.

Choosing the Tables

When buying acrylic end tables, there are things that you need to consider both on the tables and on your available space.

The size – The size of the table can determine how functional it is in your chosen area. Even though most tables are small, you can find all kinds of sizes and you should choose the size that suits the available space you have for the table.

The design – Your acrylic end table design will determine how beautiful it is, but it can also determine the amount of space it demands. The designs can also have effects on its stability or sturdiness. Luckily, you can find a design that is perfect from all these angles. Choose acrylic end tables that are not prone to tipping over. The weight should be well-distributed and the base should be good enough to keep the table in position. Ensure also you have enough space for the design that you choose.

The color – Clear acrylic end tables are stunning, especially because they look like glass and it can be hard to tell they are not unless you touch them. Clear color works with any given décor making it easy to add the tables in your space. However, you can also choose other colors and tints you feel will work best for your interior décor. When choosing the color, also consider any other additional accessories you might include to make sure they will work in harmony.