The build-up of pet dander in the home can be very distressing for those with allergies and symptoms can range for a mild case of sneezing to suffering with an asthma attack. Most animal allergens caused by a pet dog or cat are easily removed from the home with an air purifier. Pet dander mostly consists of shed skin and hair, which is easily captured from the local atmosphere.

Why the air purifier helps

An air purifier is a very practical solution to clean the air at home and make it easier for allergy sufferers to breathe. Most pet dander is minute at about 2.5 microns. In some cases it can be even smaller. This means it is essential to use an air purifier with a highly efficient filtration system.

The filtration system built into the air purifier can vary in relation to the size of the airborne particles it can incinerate. One of the most effective options is the true HEPA filters. They have the ability to trap irritants and allergens in the air that are as small as 0.3 microns in size. Also, the true HEPA filters are very useful in trapping virtually all airborne particles. On average, this filter can trap up to 99.97% of particles. However, the HEPA filters rely on the latest technology which makes them quite expensive.

If the budget doesn’t extend to the real thing, there are HEPA-type filter systems. This type of filter can trap airborne particles at about 2 microns in size, which is still good enough to gather most pet dander in the home. Also, the total particles gathered are slightly lower at 99%.

Beyond the ability to trap air particles, these units are just as effective at cleansing the home of unpleasant pet odors. Most of the high-end units rely on activated carbon filters that are designed sterilize the air to eliminate odors related to smelly dog beds, hamster cages, or litter trays.

Also, it is essential to use the right air purifier to match the size of a particular room. In general, it should have the ability to clean the air in the entire room up to three times per hour.

Maintaining the system

The type and amount of maintenance needed for an air purifier will vary with the different built-in filter systems. Most units need the filter replaced or cleaned in line with the product information to ensure it is able to maintain its effective performance. However, there are some models that are very low-maintenance, and do not require the filter to be changed.